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Newbie to the forum here. I have been working really hard on my own for the past few months cleaning up my credit. Fixing a ton of inaccuracies! What is the point of a credit report if it isn't accurate??? There are a few items that I am unsure how to proceed with... (1) My mortgage with WAMU, at one point did legitimately go into foreclosure, however this was resolved, and we were put on a payment plan. The loan was sold to Countrywide at the beginning of 2007. My problem is that my CR has a Creditor's statement that says "foreclosure proceedings started" and under the account History is stated "foreclosure proceedings started as of Aug 2007. I have disputed with the CRA until I am blue in the face. I most recently sent a letter to WAMU about the issue as well (which I am sure that their horrible customer service will do nothing about). What should my next steps be? I know that my not be affecting my FICO, but as we apply for a new mortgage, I don't want the bank to see the statements regarding foreclosure. (2) I have 2 credit card accounts that went into collections. I paid them in full, however they were reported as charge offs. I was able to dispute them and they now show a 0 balance however the pay status shows "payment after charge off". How should I proceed? With a GW letter? Sorry for the long post.

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