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Old Collections

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Old Collections

Good morning all,
I have been cleaning up some old collection accounts that were on my credit report. I am trying to verify with the company that had the original debt and make sure dates and amounts are correct before I paid the accounts off.
I just talked to the local gas company that I had an account with 6 years ago and they don't show any data for me. They looked up my SS#, address, and name and couldn't find me in their system.
Should I send the collector an DV letter? or just dispute and if I just dispute, what am I disputing?
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Re: Old Collections

I would do a DV first.  I think that they would not want to jump through hoops just to look for you account.  If they cannot locate it they will delete.  Send it to the same location that you called.  It is possible that some other department can locate your account even though they cannot.
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