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PRA Reporting

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PRA Reporting

I have a paid collection with PRA that I have contacted them about (pretty sure I have disputed it as well) that between the bureaus has inconsistent information.  It was settled on 12/8/16.  


Equifax doesn't have it under the collection category it is a miscellaneous account.  It has a different (kind of) account number from the other two CRAs, and there are no dates listed.  Possibly because it doesn't know what kind of account it is?    It also doesn't say that it was originally with Capital One.


Listed Under:  Portfolio

Account  #:  CAPITXXXXXXX (it was a charged off CAP1 account, but when it gets to the account number it doesn't start with the first digit of the account number)

Condition:  Derogatory

Balance:  $0

Type:  Collection 

Pay Status:  Late 120 days



Listed Under:  Portfolio RC

Original Creditor:  Capital One

Account #:  XXXX

High Balance:  $777

Date Opened:  2/25/15

Date Reported:  3/8/17 (Why did it take three months? Doesn't seem like prompt reporting to me!)

Balance:  $0

Condition:  12/7/16



Listed Under:  Portfolio RC

Original Creditor:  Capital One

Account #:  XXXX

High Balance:  $777

Date Opened:  2/1/15

Date Reported:  12/18/17

Balance:  $0

Condition:  12/1/16


So EQ is kind of in a world of its own but reports under a different name than TU and EX.  There are differences in account numbers between how EQ reports and the other two (TU and EX are the same), but the biggest difference is the reporting date under Transunion.  


When I contacted PRA I got the standard response:


Thank you for contacting PRA Customer Care. Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC ("PRA") furnishes information to the consumer reporting agencies in compliance with applicable laws and industry guidelines. PRA has neither the authority nor the ability to change the time or manner in which the consumer reporting agencies, such as Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, describe or report the information we furnish.  Any delay in their reporting of the information is the responsibility of the consumer reporting agencies, not PRA. Neither PRA nor its representatives are authorized to request that the consumer reporting agencies delete its tradeline for an account upon payment in full or payment in full for less than full balance. PRA is obligated to inform the national credit reporting agencies after an account has been paid in full or paid in full for less than full balance. At this time, having verified that PRA is reporting accurately, I am unable to provide you with any additional assistance. If your concerns still remain, please contact the consumer reporting agencies.


A dispute has been entered on account ending in XXXX.  To accommodate your concerns your dispute has been forwarded to PRA's disputes department. For additional assistance with regard to this matter you can contact them directly at:1-866-428-6589 or via email at:


I have also entered a complaint on your account ending in XXXX and I have forwarded your complaint to our Complaints Department for review and handling.  Please contact them directly via email at:


When I look at my report on CK it is gone on TU but not EQ.  It is still listed on Creditwise which just updated and on my report with CS.  So depending on where I look it is gone (doesn't make much sense to me).  When I contacted them, I sent a screen shot of how it was reporting between the CRAs.  I sent emails to the addresses they sent me and have not gotten a reply.  I don't think a dispute with the CRAs is going to do any good since they really need to see how the others report in order to see the inaccuracies.  Is there anything I can do about this?  Obviously, I would like it deleted, but my main concern is with no dates attached to the EQ reporting, how long will it stay on my report?  How will I or the CRAs know that it is time for it to be deleted?

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Re: PRA Reporting

The credit report exclusion date for any collection is based only on the reported DOFD, and no other date.

The collection must be excluded no later than 7 years plus 180 days from the reported DOFD.


FCRA 623(a)(5) requires a debt collector to separately and explicitly report the DOFD to the CRA no later than 90 days after reporting of their collection.

The CRA then monitors that date to determine when they must exclude.


Many commercial credit reports do not provide the reported DOFD.

You can usually obtain the DOFD by obtaining a more complete report at or contacting the CRA directly.

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