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Personal Loan

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Personal Loan

Wasn't sure where to post this. Might not be the right board...


With the payment plans I've set up, and the second job I'm working, I'll have every single baddie paid off (and possibly deleted) by the end of August. However, I need to secure a personal loan for between $3000 and $4000 in September; I have an arrangement to buy someone's car from them. I'm not certain my reports will have all paid items deleted in time or what the impacts of them being deleted will be.


That being said, can someone tell me where to start looking for personal loans online (outside of my bank and the local credit unions, just to give me more options) for folks with FICOs hovering around 600? I'll wait, obviously, but I know sometimes it takes awhile for people to respond on here. And I'd like to research companies, too.

Starting score: 531 (March 2010)
Current score: 747 (February 2014)

It took four years, but I did it.
Next up? 800 club.
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