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Prepping for AMEX 3x CLI - Soft pull DPs

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Prepping for AMEX 3x CLI - Soft pull DPs

Spent a little time going through the softpulls on my reports. Found and excellent thread here by searching for "Soft Pulls."


I noticed AMEX was pulling my EX fairly regularly. The pattern appeared quite random at first and I was a bit puzzled as to why they would be puuling so often for my little starter card with no balance.


Then it occured to me they may be pulling these reports everytime I check for pre-qualified cards.  I decided to test my theory by checking once again, while logged in, and the same few cards appeared but without any congratualtion message or anything.


I haven't applied with them for another card, I just wanted to determine when they made the soft pulls so that, when I go for the 3x CLI, they will be using a fresh report.


Unless I am way off base, a simple check for pre-qualified will compel an update.


Thought I would share, and plese, let me know if I am off base here.

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Re: Prepping for AMEX 3x CLI - Soft pull DPs

I'm not sure that is the case for a 3x cli request. Amex does pull my reports all the time with soft pulls, but as I understand it they use an internal number along with EX for CLI's. The best thing is to watch when your EX fico 8 updates in your account, then wait a while( several weeks to a month) once the score gets where you want it, then request the CLI. That is what worked for me.

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