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Problems with Quizzle and Bankrate - possible email phishing scam

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Problems with Quizzle and Bankrate - possible email phishing scam

Quizzle closed and transitioned to Bankrate in November, 2018.

  1. Recently, I was surprised to receive an email from Quizzle notifying me of a change in my credit report. The links in the email seemed suspicious, as they didn't point to the top-level domain but to another TLD
  2. Another strange activity happened around the time. My Bankrate login vanished. Thinking it was some sort of error, I tried to reset the password but never received a confirmation email at my registered email address. It seems that my Bankrate login completely disappeared because I was able to re-register using the same email address that I had previously used. If in fact my login still existed, I would have expected a message such as "this email is already registered".

I'm not sure if these two problems are unrelated or linked somehow. The same thing happened to a friend. The only common link I could think of is that both of us had accounts at both Quizzle and Bankrate.

Has anyone else experienced issues with Quizzle and/or Bankrate recently?

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