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RECONN letter i am working on can i get some input?

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RECONN letter i am working on can i get some input?


I am writing requesting reconsideration of the denial of my recent auto loan application.

It appears I was denied after you pulled my Equifax report. While the letter I received did not include specific reasons as to why I was denied, I would still like to go over the potentially negative information on my report.

High Inquiries:

I do have high credit inquiries at this time. Most of these are due to an auto lender shopping me around without my permission. The dealer was so determined to obtain my business that without my consent continued to shop around for financing for me without my knowledge.

Four Collection Accounts

There four derogatory items on my Equifax report that are there in error. I have disputed this with all three credit bureaus. Transunion, Experian and Equifax should be removing them anytime. I expect my Equifax report to reflect these changes within 30 days. These accounts have been paid off for well over a year however the collection agency that was assigned to these collections failed to update this information with the original creditor and the 3 major reporting agencies. I have the checks which were paid with my checking account that I hold with USAA Federal Savings Bank and will be more than willing to supply these as proof.

You will notice I have no other late payments, collection accounts or, general negative items on my report. I indeed have only had credit for a short amount of time and since my entering the United States Air Force have been managing my credit a lot more wiser and have been improving my score. I appreciate you taking the time to reconsider my application. I hope my explanation clears things up so I can in addition to my checking, saving and insurance coverage I hold with USAA Federal Savings Bank also be a proud auto loan holder with a great customer friendly company.







prety much a rough draft I am going to look over it some more and see what else i can add to it. any input?

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Re: RECONN letter i am working on can i get some input?

Looks good to me! Good luck!
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