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Removing credit inq???

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Removing credit inq???

My mortgage company somehow "accidentally" pulled my CR back in May (I closed back in December) and when I called them about this they had no clue how it happened. I talked to a lady at their corporate office in CO who sent me a copy of the letter she sent to all 3 CB's explaining that the inquiry was by mistake and to please remove it from all 3 reports immediately. EQ sends me a letter in return stating they don't delete inquiries as they don't factor into my score??? Is there any way this can be fixed? Freakin EQ gives me a headache...ugh.

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Re: Removing credit inq???

If its inaccurately reported, the issue of whether it "counts" in scoring is irrelevent, and not the business of a CRA.


The issue in obtaining removal is that a credit inquiry is not a normal reporting of account information to the consumer's file, and as such is not a part of normal monthly reporting.  Thus, they cant simply delete it in their normal reporting.


FCRA 611(a) permits a consumer to dispute the accuracy of "any item of information contained in a consumer's file."

Send a dispute to the CRA, which requires them to forward the dispute to the creditor, who will respond back that it is inaccurate and should be deleted.


The CRA will then have a statutory requirement under FCRA 611(a)(5)(A)(i) to "promptly delete that item of information from the file of the consumer."



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Re: Removing credit inq???


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Re: Removing credit inq???

faith_is_da_key wrote:


Hi there. I'm not sure what you mean by this.

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Re: Removing credit inq???

Was it a soft pull (i.e. shows up in the section of INQs only viewable by you).  If so then they are correct, the INQ isn't effecting your score.  


But I am going to assume it was a hard pull in which case it will effect your score until June.  Although, it may only be a single point.

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