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Reporting Frequency

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Reporting Frequency

When a creditor says they report activity monthly does it get updates by EQ, TU, EX on the same schedule. I was told they send their info monthly but 1 report was updated in Feb and another in May.

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Re: Reporting Frequency

It is not uncommon to have a two month delay between when you pay and when you see results in your CR.

When, or even if, a credtior reports, is not regulated.  How long a CRA has to record a posting is also not regulated.

Take, for example, the following two scenarios.


You make a payment on an account on 2/15/2010.


If the creditor receives payment, and reports to the CRA on 2/17/2010, and the CRA receives the reporting, and posts it to your credit file the next day, it will then be on any credit report you receive after 2/17/2010.


But take the same situation.  and assume the creditor reports to the CRAs on the 10th of each month.  Your payment of 2/15/2010 wont even be reported to the CRAs until 3/17/2010.  Then, assume the CRA has a backlog, and does not enter this into your credit file until the end of the month.  It could then be early April until it shows up in your CR, and then only on any CR you order after the CRA has entered it.


It is best to always assume a possible delay of up to two months between when you take an action, and when it is in your CR, and thus shows up in your credit score.




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Re: Reporting Frequency

Makes sense when you lay it out like that. Thanks for the feedback.

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