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Reporting Issues...Not sure where this goes

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Reporting Issues...Not sure where this goes

Is something screwy with Equifax?


I have multiple credit cards from various banks and creditors, but nothing shows up on my Equifax reports...and the information that is there is outdated - not past the 7 years - but balances, limits, etc are wrong.  I've disputed severl times to no avail...


For example, my Barclays Arrival, which I've had for 3 years has never shown up on my Equifax report. My capital One accounts, also years old, are showing incorrect balances and limits.


My credit card from my credit union has never shown up either.


It's frustrating because the lack of report information is causing a misrepresentation of my credit score.  Equifax is WAAAYYY off.  

How can I get them to correctly report information?  I've disputed with them directly, and also with the creditors and nothing has changed.  

Suggestions? Experiences? AMi I the only one with this issue?

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Re: Reporting Issues...Not sure where this goes

Equifax does not report anything other than the information given to them if some of your accounts are not showing then contact the creditor and ask them to report. As far as the accounts with different balances have you called the creditor and asked them about the balances and verified that they are the proper accounts? With the limited information given a better response to your question is not possible.
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Re: Reporting Issues...Not sure where this goes

Is your name shown in your Equifax file exactly the same as that on file with your creditors? Same for SS number?

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Re: Reporting Issues...Not sure where this goes

I would google split file.  At least my guess is you have two credit files with Equifax.  Your will need to call Equifax to merge them together.  Explain the issue.  Get them to investigate.


Another option is as Captool says.  If your SSN isn't correct on Equifax it wouldn't report correctly.  However, if you can pull the report I am assuming your SSN is correct.

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