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Score Summary Shows a Delinquency but Reports Do Not?

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Score Summary Shows a Delinquency but Reports Do Not?

I recently checked my FICO score on one of my credit card provider's websites, and it was lower than normal by about 50 - 75 points.  Below it said the primary reason for the lower score was a delinquent account.  I've never paid anything late in my life, so I immediately came to myFICO and ordered my full 3 bureau report and scores.  I carefully read through the whole report, and there was not a single account that reported any delinquent payment, ever. 


However, solely on the three scores myFICO identifies as the "newly released versions" as FICO Score 9, FICO Bankcard Score 9 and FICO Auto Score 9, the scores were lower and in the section that explains why they were lower it said I had a delinquency.  Again, I re-read the full detailed report multiple times and searched for words like delinquency, late, etc. and no where on the actual credit reports does it indicate I have ever had a late payment or delinquency, but for some reason these three scores reflect one and this incorrect information has been sent to at least one of my creditors (as reflected by it showing up on their website).


I went to dispute the information, but it just sends you to the credit reporting bureaus.  I opened a dispute with Equifax, but there was no negative information on my report to dispute so I couldn't enter anything.  Clearly I need to open a dispute directly with the scoring company but I can't figure out how to do that.


Anyone have any ideas about how to deal with this?

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Re: Score Summary Shows a Delinquency but Reports Do Not?

The FCRA does not permit disputing of credit scores or of the content of a credit report unless the information is of record in your credit file.

You cannot file an FCRA dispute contesting how a commerical credit report presents information.

Disputes are based on information shown to be of record in a consumer's credit file.


You need to contact the vendor regarding misinformation in their commercial reports.

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Re: Score Summary Shows a Delinquency but Reports Do Not?

myFICO is the vendor.  I need to dispute with them, but they don't have a mechanism for doing so.

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