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Score keeps dropping but nothing negative reporting?

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Re: Score keeps dropping but nothing negative reporting?


@MrJimBusiness wrote:

Yesterday got an alert that my score decreased 20 points, this is the 2nd time this has happened in a few months. All bills and car payment are showing "Exceptional" payment history. I haven't opened any new lines of credit and my utilization is very low. Nothing out of the ordinary, just paying things on time as usual... weird, what's going on? 

Every No alert i get or have ever gotten has the reason for the increase/decrease in it

There I corrected it for you.  The alerts do NOT contain the reasons for the increase/decrease in them. They are not causally related.


MyFICO alerts don't provide reasons for a score change. There are certain events which trigger MyFICO alerts. If there happens to be any difference between your present score at that particular bureau and the previous score reported to you from that bureau, the score change is tacked on to the alert. There is not necessarily any connection at all between the score change and the alert substance.

MyFICO explains this as follows:

Why did my score go up when I got an alert for something negative (or why did my score go down when I got an alert for something positive)?

The short answer: Your FICO® Score may change because of other events not monitored by an alert.

Whenever we send you a credit alert, we also send an updated FICO Score. To ensure you get the most current score, we calculate it based on your entire credit report at that point in time—not just the new information on the alert. This means your new score may reflect other changes that are outside of the things we watch for (see everything we monitor).

Sometimes you may see your score increase when you think it should’ve decreased, and vice-versa, but you’ll always have your most up-to-date and accurate score.


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Re: Score keeps dropping but nothing negative reporting?


Perhaps the fako sites like ck dont give a reason but myfico does

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Re: Score keeps dropping but nothing negative reporting?

The alert I got was from Experian. It just says the score dropped  20 points

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