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Does SW alert you when accounts fall off your credit report? Can I assume that an increase in my score without a change in my credit is just a creditor reporting? I just purchased SW 2 days ago. Smiley Happy

Starting Scores: (4/16/12 lender pull) TU 596 | EX 550 | EQ 576
Current Score (9/3/15): Wally TU 639 | Amex EX 628 | DCU EQ 639
Goals: Homeowner as of 9/27/2013. Last app 8/1/15. TU-5; EX-16; EQ-13. Aiming for ZERO inqs.
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Re: ScoreWatch

SW doesn't alert to dropped TLs, dropped inquiries, or dropped balances. However, if your FICo changed as a result of dropped balances, and if your new EQ FICO hit or surpassed your target score, then you'll get a score alert. Your EQ FICO is monitored for changes every 7-10 days.


If any sort of credit alert comes in before those 7-10 days, then you you'll get alerted with your latest EQ FICO. Many make the assumtion that if they get an alert for a balance increase, then their new EQ FICO was the product of that increase. It's not always so as there could be multiple things happening to cause that score change.



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