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Silly Experian...

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Silly Experian...

So this morning, I disputed some incorrect personal information that was being reported on my Experian: Some funky variation of my name, addresses I never lived at, telephone numbers from 7 years ago, employers I no longer worked for.


I just received an email stating that my results were ready (wow that was quick!). Smiley Very Happy


I check my results and low and behold...


Personal Information 
Outcome: Deleted
Outcome: Updated
Social Security number
Outcome: Deleted
Telephone number
Outcome: Deleted
Outcome: Deleted


...they deleted my Social Security number. Smiley Mad


I checked the updated credit report that they send along with the results and yup, it's no longer there.


I called Experian and asked them why they deleted my SSN, they stated that my SSN was associated with some of the items that were deleted thus they were linked, so if 1 item goes, the other goes as well.


I asked if they could re-input my SSN, they said "It's not necessary and that it will find it's way back on there." Smiley Indifferent


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Re: Silly Experian...

Lol seeing the facial expressions cracked me up. Hahaha

I hope this doesn't affect your good credit. Good luck man

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