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Soft Pulls - General questions

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Soft Pulls - General questions

I understand the difference between HP and SP in terms of where they come from, how they do or don't impact your score, etc etc. 


My question is- is there any productive way for me to use the information in my soft pull section? Sometimes there are companies I've never heard of (like "Goal Structured Solutions") who have several soft pulls on my report. Can I send a letter to the CRAs asking they stop honoring these requests? Should I send a letter to the organization itself and demand they stop looking at my file? 

I literally have hundreds of soft pulls (which makes sense, I'm signed up for CreditKarma, NerdWallet, CreditWise) but for the ones that don't make sense (for example Discover continues to pull my credit monthly, even though my Discover card is closed and paid off)- is there any recourse? My information has been stolen before, and I'd just prefer that fewer companies and people have access to it. 

And yes, my files are generally frozen, but soft inquires appear to still be possible, at least I imagine with creditors I've pre-authorized, while a freeze is in place. 

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Re: Soft Pulls - General questions

No. Unfortunately you're not going to have much luck on that front. You can prevent hard inquiries by locking your report as you noted, but there is no way to prevent soft inquiries.
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Re: Soft Pulls - General questions

It might be a good thing. Some banks get rosters of people who fall into their profile. Then here comes the pre-appoved/qual offers. I got a IRS SP 6 months ago. They were included in my BK over 6 yrs ago. Gotten my refunds since. Owe nothing. Some of those you dont know may sends offers. Least the offers will have your name and address and not "current resident" offers. LOL!!!!!!

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