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Split file..

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Split file..

How do you know when your report has a split file? What are the signs to look for??

Which credit bureaus are known to do split files?? It seems like Equifax by reading 

posts here, but then it could be all three.



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Re: Split file..

It's primarily a EQ thing.  You can contact them directly and have them check for a split file.

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Re: Split file..

Primarily it is EQ. On very rare occasions there are examples in here of a TU split file. Never seen any examples of an EX split file. You'll know if it happens when you pull your CR day after day and your CR has different accounts reporting each time. Causes are typically due to having a large credit file, especially with a lot of hard and soft inquiries. Your file size is limited and instead of purging soft inquiries, EQ will split off accounts and form a new file, causing a split file.

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Re: Split file..

There ways to keep from getting a split file. When you apply for credit be consistant in how you apply IE name and address If you move make sure all your creditors have your ccurrent address. When you apply for credit after having recently moved use your current and previous address.

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