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Last month I switched my mobile carrier to Sprint. Of course they ran a credit check and I received an alert telling me that my FICO had dropped 7 points.  I just received a letter from Sprint telling me that Equifax  reported my credit score to them at 751 about 90 points higher than what MYFICO is telling me.  Sprint lists Equifax and IDA Inc as the the reporting agencies.  I am fairly new at all of this and wondered if anyone could explain the score difference to me.

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Re: Sprint

This is probably due to one of two things: 1) a different or newer FICO version was used. Or 2) there are some non-traditional scores out there that weigh your telecom experience, of which could have been developed by FICO. 


Did they provide a score range? And it clearly says your FICO score is ### (as opposed to saying 'your score is ###')?

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