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Success with Comenity Removing a Charge Off? + Medical Debt Advice

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Success with Comenity Removing a Charge Off? + Medical Debt Advice

Hi! Has anyone had success with Comenity removing a recent(ish) CO?


Comenity charged off my Loft card in October of 2019 and sold to Midland. $962 balance (only used it once and charged $123. The interest and fees definitely buried me). No excuses, but I was unemployed and taking care of my special needs baby. I need an auto loan and I'm pretty positive this CO will hinder that. It is the most recent account on my credit report, and the most impactful. I also have a $6265 medical debt that was sold to Transfinancial and a $2 (yes, TWO DOLLAR) medical debt that was sold to a local CA who reports to all 3 CRAs.

I paid the $2 yesterday (+$7 cc processing fee + $11 to expedite the PFD). 

I'm not sure how to handle the Comenity CO. I paid Midland $100 last week in the hopes they would continue not reporting the collections to the CRAs, but I'm wondering if I should call Comenity and offer to PIF in exchange for them removing the CO? It's my understanding that they no longer own the debt, but do they ever buy it back from the CA? Has anyone had success with this? Would I have better chances if I paid Midland in full, then saturated Comenity with GW letters to remove the CO? 

Regarding the medical debt, should I call the hospital (OC) and offer to pay them? Do hospitals usually buy back debts from the CA? I do not have the $6k to PIF, but I could do a payment plan with the hospital. Or should I set up an auto draft payment plan with the CA (Transfinancial) and ask if they can remove the TL, or at least the late payments they have been reporting since March 2020? 

Remainder of my report looks okay. 2% utilization w/ Equifax & Experian. 8% utilization w/ TransUnion. I just opened a secured card with OpenSky ($200 limit) so I would have positive recurring history. 


$15k in student loans w/ positive payment history for last 2 years. I do have a 120 days late from 2017 that gets reported for each individual loan (4). I thought the loans were still in deferment (my mistake).

1 student loan w/ positive payment history PIF in 2018


Authorized user Chase CC with two 30 day lates.


Synchrony Chevron card $76 balance current with positive payment history 


Synchrony Old Navy $0 balance current w/ positive payment history 


Synchrony Guitar Center paid satisfactorily closed 2014 for invalid usage 


1 other collection for $131 medical debt paid in full. I called IC systems and they agreed to delete 


Experian 595

Equifax 593

Transunion 572 


That Comenity CO REALLY hurt my scores, especially with the late payments added to it. I'm sure the collections for the $6k medical debt and also reported 4 months of late payments by Transfinancial from March - now isn't helping either. 

Any advice? Is having a small hope of Comenity removing the CO unrealistic? 

Thank you so much!! 

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Re: Success with Comenity Removing a Charge Off? + Medical Debt Advice

Try Capital One Auto Navigatior first. But I think you should get approved for a late model car at a major dealer that uses Capital One, Santander or even Ally does subprime deals. 

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Re: Success with Comenity Removing a Charge Off? + Medical Debt Advice

@TattnallTrio  Thank you! I'll check into that now. I can wait a month or so to see if my score improves when the $2 and $131 collections are deleted. I know I would have a significant chance at approval if I can get that CO off though...I just don't know the best way to go about it.

Capital One denied me for a secured card. Would I still be approved for an auto loan?The denial reasons from the letter are listed below. I'm assuming the "revolving account balances are too high" is due to the Comenity CO? It's showing a $0 balance, but highest balance was $962 on a $200 limit. The only other revolving balance on my Experian report is $76 on a $3k limit. 

Are student loans heavily weighted in proportion of account balances to income? I'm assuming the $15k student loans + $6k medical debt collection is causing this? My income is $42k, so my debt is around 50% annual income. If this is the case, how does anyone with student loans get approved for anything?...especially those with loans for MD, PhD, etc 



"Based on your credit report from one or more of the agencies on the back of this letter, revolving account balance(s) are too high
Based on your credit report from one or more of the agencies on the back of this letter, proportion of account balance(s) to income is too high"

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