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TU report arrives, i didnt request it

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TU report arrives, i didnt request it

very strange.  yesterday i received a copy of my TU credit report in the mail.  it says as i requested.   thing is, i didnt request it.   i called TU and was informed the report was requested online on chrstmas day.  the report is dated for dec 28th.    what could this mean?  someone fishing for info?  an attempt at identity theft?  perhaps someone trying to see what is on my credit report so they know what to apply and not to apply for?    the only thing TU would tell me is that it was requested online by individual using my information and not a bank or credit card company.


for no obvious reason my 3 fico scores have dropped 10points over the last 10+ days since i last checked.   nothing out of the ordinary is showing up on my reports.

i have my EQ report locked via their credit monitoring service.


should i panic now ...... any advice is appreciated.

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Re: TU report arrives, i didnt request it

Freeze all 3 reports. I would do IDA/ARS also. If you file any type of police report, you can also lock up lexisnexis (great time) and be done with it.


Someone would need all of your personal info to request a report, so they already have it, unless its just a TU error.


Keep your pins in a safe place.

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Re: TU report arrives, i didnt request it

I also received mine and so did my mom. There was something on the 1st page that mentioned why it was sent out. Let me see if I can find it.
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Re: TU report arrives, i didnt request it

I received one too. The message says it was corrected v. a previous report they sent me. It was vague and not very helpful.
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Re: TU report arrives, i didnt request it

TU is apparently sending paper reports if you dispute over the phone or something.  I received one recently apparently for this reason letting me know they whacked a duplicate tax lien.

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Re: TU report arrives, i didnt request it


I received one too.  The note said that they realize some people received reports that were inaccurate.  It said they were issuing reports to those who had received reports during a certain time.  This report is corrected.


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Re: TU report arrives, i didnt request it

If you have disputed via a CRA and the outcome of the dispute resulted in some change/correction to your credit report, the CRA is required under the FCRA to include a revised credit report as an attachment to their Notice of Results that shows that the changes were correctly entered.  FCRA 611(a)(6)(B)(ii).


I looks like the CRA may have failed to comply over a past period of disputes, and is attempting to resolve their lack of compliance with the FCRA requirment.

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