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Target Red Credit Card late payment?

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Target Red Credit Card late payment?

Target Red Card late payment on new account?

So I opened the Target Red Credit Card on March 17, so it’s been open almost 3 weeks. I set up autopay as soon as I opened the account and the website showed a payment due date of April 02 and I had a $50 balance on it but the amount due showed up as $0. Today I checked the account and it says I have a $29 minimum payment due on April 02nd?! Not sure why it changed? Also I was under the assumption that you have to get a statement first and then you have a 21-25 day grace period before your payment is due. I haven’t received a statement and have only had the card for 3 weeks, why is there a payment due? I made the payment but it showed up as Payment Due Date: April 02 / Payment Date: April 06. Does this mean it’s a late payment? I’m freaking out right now because I’ve never had a late payment and don’t want something dumb like this to be my first one. Thank you for your help!

Current Balance $107.63
Payment Due Date Apr 02, 2020
Minimum Payment Due$29.00
Last Statement Balance $107.63
Last Payment $0.00
Available Credit $392.37
Total Credit Limit $500.00
Auto Pay Enrolled
Statement Delivery Method E-Statements

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Re: Target Red Credit Card late payment?

I had issues with them when I first opened my card. Between payment and login issues, I ended up with 3 or 4 lates. They wouldn't goodwill them for me. My recommendation is keep bothering them. Maybe you'll do better than I did.

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