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TransUnion / Auto Loan

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TransUnion / Auto Loan

I have an Auto Loan but it's not being reported on TransUnion. However, it does show on the other two credit bureaus. I've called both the creditor and TransUnion but thing is still not resolved.


Creditor (that I am applying for a loan and pull my CR) told me to call TransUnion and ask why this line is not added to TransUnion. (I think perhaps this creditor is not subcribed with TransUnion.)


TransUnion told me to call Creditor and ask why it's not being reported to TransUnion.


I am in the middle and don't know what to do? Can I simply send TU a letter with the loan information and ask them to add it because let say creditor is not subcribed with TransUnion and don't want to report it with TransUnion?

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Re: TransUnion / Auto Loan

Not all creditors report to all 3. Since any CRA won't report what it doesn't have, I'd guess that the creditor isn't subscribed to them as you mentioned. When an OC reports, they have to pay a monthly subscriber fee to do so. If you sent info to TU, they wouldn't do anything with it since the income source would be from TU.


Is this a recent loan? TU always lags behind the rest. Or is it paid off already? IME, TU likes to drop TLs earlier than the others. Score-wise, if the age of this TL is less than your average age of accounts, you could actually see a score drop if it reports, especially if the AAoA does change. Per mix, it'll only benefit if you have no installments reporting. IMO, the only benefit of having a loan report is the length of history as it ages.

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Re: TransUnion / Auto Loan

Get confirmed that my creditor doesn't report to TU and the loan has been 5 months old. Just curiousity if I can fix it to make TL reported on TU as TU reports low score on me. Latest score, EQ 701, EX 680, TU 640. My UTL is very low less than 5%. Is there a quick way to bump up my middle score to above 700  because I am applying for mortage loan.

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