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Re: Truecredit

Wish I would have looked into all this sooner! Here I thought I was in the credit maintenance phase and it turns out I still need about 100 points of improvement. =-P   I still canceled my TC subscription though, because my bank USAA has a three credit agency monitoring for $12 that I heard was good (plus trying to cancel my TC subscription made me realize how slimy they are).

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Re: Truecredit

The Truecredit reports are really nice in that they highlight the changes from your last report. Daily pull of TU and monthly on all 3 is nice also. Scores and reasons are the biggest problem. There seem to be good points and bad points to all of the monitoring services.


I want the speed of reporting of EX; The change reports and daily pulls of Truecredit, and the scores of myFICO. Oh, and WITH the ability to get an EX FICO.

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