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USAA CMS Anomaly

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USAA CMS Anomaly

I applied for a couple of new cards and requested a HP CLI about a week ago. I was curious as to who pulled what and when it gets reported, so I checked my USAA CMS account. There are 2 places you can see Credit Inquiries: by using the My Credit Summary > Credit Inquiries or by going further: Credit Report > Credit Inquiries. By going the latter route, you can see the details versus just a count for each CRA on the summary page.


My summary count and my details don't match.


In the summary it tallies EX - 2, EQ - 1, TU - 3, but when I click on the details and count who pulled what and when, the tally is EX - 2, EQ -2, TU - 4. 


Is anyone else experiencing this?


I called the customer service number and a supervisor had never seen this anomaly before, so she expedited it up to a project manager. They'll apparently get back to me. In the mean time, they refreshed my reports for today - at least they looked. 


Just thought I'd ask and make folks aware. Double check. Always double check.




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