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Utilization really does matter

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Re: Utilization really does matter

Congratulations on the score increase!


Now the trick is to keep the utilization down on those cards. Best wishes!

(+102) | (+106) | (+151)
| TU Fico 9: ? | Exp Fico 9: ? | EQ Fico 9: ?| EQ Fico 8 Bankcard: 807

Initial Goal: Min. 740 w/all CRAs - Met
Next Goal: Amex BCE
Current Goal(s): Min. 780 w/all CRAs
Gardening Until: ??/??/202?| Last App: 7/21/2021

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Re: Utilization really does matter

Congrats! Getting a handle on utilization is very imoprtant!

Started with LOW 500s - Actively rebuilding as of early 2019
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