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Verifacts? Anyone familiar? Dispute?

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Verifacts? Anyone familiar? Dispute?

I just signed up for credit Fico monitoring and score watch and found I have a hard hit from Verifacts. This pull was done on June 18th and I did not authorize it. I googled them and the first paragraph on the webpage says "VeriFacts has specialized in providing the credit/collections industry with high quality location information. Skip tracing has been our only business, and we view our work as both a science and an art."


I see that now that I am signed up I have the ability to dispute this hard hit. Should I? Will this somehow kick me in the butt? I am hoping to buy a home very soon.

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Re: Verifacts? Anyone familiar? Dispute?

Unless you apply for credit, a job or insurance no one has the right to do a hard pull. Send them this letter CMRRR.


This letter is sent to Verifacts.

Non-PP Puller Company
City State Zip Code
To Whom It May Concern:
I have noticed that you have placed an inquiry on my _________ credit file dated ________. As you probably know, Credit Reporting Agencies treat inquiries as a statement of fact and will not allow a consumer to dispute them. Since it is against federal law (Fair Credit Reporting Act -- 15 USC § 1681n(a)(1)(B) for an entity to view a consumer’s credit report without a "permissible purpose," I am writing to inquire as to your alleged purpose for doing so since I did not apply for employment with your organization nor did I request credit from your organization.
[Describe any additional details about the inquiry here if need be. For example, your a subscriber to XXXX monitoring service and XXXX company pulled a "hard inquiry" on one of your reports.]
Based on the evidence in my possession, this inquiry was performed under false pretenses as described in the clear language of the law. 15 USC §1681n(a)(1)(B ) states, in part, "in the case of liability of a natural person for obtaining a consumer report under false pretenses or knowingly without a permissible purpose, actual damages sustained by the consumer as a result of the failure or $1,000, whichever is greater;"
You are civilly liable to me in the amount of $1,000.00 for your willful violation of the law -- performing a "hard inquiry" on my __________ file without my permission. I do hope that we can settle this matter amicably. You can remove the inquiry within one (1) business day of the receipt of this notice. Or, we can meet in court where you will end up removing the inquiry, paying me the civil liability fine, punitive damages for my score drop, plus court and attorney fees. The choice is up to you.
Please contact me immediately at the address listed below.
City State Zip Code





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Re: Verifacts? Anyone familiar? Dispute?

I can do this. Should I emails it or by mail? This in no way can effect my credit adversely could it?

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Re: Verifacts? Anyone familiar? Dispute?

Mail it CMRRR. It will not effect your credit.
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Re: Verifacts? Anyone familiar? Dispute?

Did you get a response from Verifacts? I didn't.


Trans Union also failed to provide the Verifacts permissible purpose despite going through their outside counsel.  My correspondence is posted at

2009 Verifacts credit inquiry - $1,000 demand


I'm now getting ready to file the lawsuit.


It's my understanding that Verifacts is a skip tracer.  They actually called me to verify/update my address and they did NOT identify themselves as collector and in fact denied being a collector.   So they definitely do NOT have a permisssible purpose to get credit reports.  


However, I wonder whether I have additional claims against Verifacts because it engages in collection activities and fails to comply with the FDCPA.


Did anyone else get calls from Verifacts or take action about these impermissible credit inquiries?


Thanks, Christine

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Re: Verifacts? Anyone familiar? Dispute?

Oh my goodness....


TransUnion deleted a bunch of inquiries -- without questions asked -- when I inquired about different soft and hard pulls on my credit report.  I said I didn't understand who X company was and why they pulled my credit.  I had not applied for credit or a job. 


*poof*  They disappeared off of my credit report within seconds.  They are still off my credit report.



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Re: Verifacts? Anyone familiar? Dispute?

According to the FCRA, credit inquiries must be disclosed to consumers for 2 years and the premature deletions are another reason to sue Trans Union. Of course illegal inquiries should NOT be reported to 3rd parties, but they should ALWAYS be reported on consumer disclosures.


And if you're not going to demand statutory damages for illegal access to your credit data, there is absolutely NO reason to dispute the soft inquiries NOT reported to 3rd parties.

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Re: Verifacts? Anyone familiar? Dispute?

this just happpened to me today.  They called my work for verification of employment.  i called them back and they said they collect information for banks, credit, and student information.  I have not applied for credit nor a job.  Suggestions?  I have no clue what these people want.  and I certainly do not want them calling the HR of my work.  It is a small family company and I dont want to look bad nor do i want the hit on my credit report.



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