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Verizon Fios - New Service Credit Check Question

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Re: Verizon Fios - New Service Credit Check Question

@Anonymous wrote:
If your scores are indeed in the 800 range than set your mind at ease. A hard pull won't ding your score enough to matter. Banks are concerned with HPs resulting in new debt (just don't go finance a 4k TV or new bedroom set). It's not the HP but the result they are concerned with.

+1000  You're well past the point where a HP will hurt you, and it's Verizon - your mortgage lender knows that you're not taking out a new line of credit in the fine print where you'd enter your SSN.  They do state that you are giving them permission to pull your credit.  When FiOS finally came to the city of Boston last year (suburbs have been wired for years) I got an EQ pull myself.  Congrats on the house!

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Re: Verizon Fios - New Service Credit Check Question

Thanks everyone! I feel much better now!

I guess the whole mortgage process was so intense that it's been stressing me out to the max.

I just didn't want anything to affect my closing next week. *crossing my fingers*

FIOS is SO much better than Comcast IMO, normally I don't mind the HP at all, just not now.. Cat Happy


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