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Weird TU Collection Reporting

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Weird TU Collection Reporting

Have a collection from 2011. Suffice to say, i cosigned for an apartment for a colleague and paid the price. Paid off the collection as soon as I heard of it.


Was looking through my past TU reports.. A report pulled in 2014 said it was due to fall off 11/2016. A report pulled at the beginning of 2016 said its due to fall off 11/2018.


Weird. Why different dates from different dated reports from same bureau?


Can I sneak one in and have it bumped off my report Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Weird TU Collection Reporting

The CRA uses the DOFD that was reported by the debt collector to calculate the "due to fall off" date.

The DOFD is the date of first delinquency on the OC account, after which the account remained delinquent until the date of the  collection.


While the DOFD is a date-certain, it may have initially been incorrectly reported, such as by using the date the debt collector obtained collection authority, and not the date of the first delinquency. The debt collector may have corrected the DOFD once becoming aware of the error.


A later credit report that moves the DOFD, and thus the due to become excluded date, forward is a red flag to a possible use of a later date after the DOFD.

It is impossible to say which date is incorrect without knowing the actual OC account history........

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