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Weird, but good 😀

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Weird, but good 😀

Ch7 discharged in Jan 2016. Scores were betwee 520 and 535.

Went to buy a car last week and my scores were:

Equifax 661
Experian 621
Transunion 731

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Re: Weird, but good 😀

Congrats!! !  You are bouncing back.

Starting Score: 523EQ, 522EX, 548TU
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Re: Weird, but good 😀

How the hell did you Get a 731 only 8 months after a bk????

Current Scores 3/2016 Equifax 676 Transunion 697 Experian 648 Goal Scores: 720's accross the board. Gardening Goal: 3/2017
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Re: Weird, but good 😀

I would guess for some reason the BK isn't showing on TU?

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