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Wells Fargo credit card!!!


Wells Fargo credit card!!!

Hello people,

Do you guys think it will hurt if I close my oldest account? it is 2 tears and 9 months old, besides that all my accounts are new being the oldest one 10 months old and the newest one 2 months old ( 7 in total plus my oldest account)

I want to close it because my oldest account is a wellsfargo credit card that was secured for almost 3 years until two days ago that graduated, but I think it is ridiculous because they kept the 300 dollards deposit as my new credit line (No Credit line increase at all) being my credit sco fico 09 Experian at 770.

Also I wanted to product change to the amex-Wellsfargo propel but I read here that they will likely close the old account and open a new one Smiley Sad

Do you guys think I have a good chance of getting approved for the propel with a decent credit line even though I didn't receive a cli on my platinum wellsfargo card? What credit bureau and type of Fico score could they pull here in Florida?

Could you guys advise please?

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Re: Wells Fargo credit card!!!

Hi Rubendar.  You have already been getting a good deal of advice on this very quesion in another thread you created:


Posting the same question in multiple threads is called Cross-Posting and is sharply frowned upon by the forum moderators.  Just an FYI.

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