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What FICO Score does Citi CC require?

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What FICO Score does Citi CC require?

Lokkin to get a Citi Credit Card with American Airlines Milage, does anyone know what range of FICO score they look at?  I would like to know before I apply...thanks
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Re: What FICO Score does Citi CC require?

I would not try unless you have scores that are 650+. With 700+ being preferred. But remember, your score is not the only factor. Citi (and most creditors) will also take into account your payment history, mix of credit, DTI, collections, ect.
I have heard the Citi Diamond Platinum Select is the easiest to get.. Not sure how much truth there is to that.
Also, Citi is a big EQ puller. Assuming you are approved with a low CL... do not fret! Citi is VERY generous with CLIs for responsible card holders.
Good luck!
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