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What's a thin file really?

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What's a thin file really?

9 open accounts in good standing all open, vs 8-9 open accounts but test subject in his late 20s with 35 accounts lifetime. NOT from a scoring aspect, as the 30 accounts should help stabilize a score. Outside of lenders who don't like pyramids, is there still a difference?
Open one, close three. Open one, close three.
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Re: What's a thin file really?

Hello Fordguy.  Could you take another stab at writing that question again?


I think you want us to compare two reports (e.g. two hypothetical people, Bob and Tom), but I am unsure what accounts are on each one.  Also unsure what the final question is -- since it sounds like it is not scoring related.


It sounds like "pyramids" may somehow be involved in your question too.

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Re: What's a thin file really?

I'm not quite following the question either here.


If you're just talking thick verses thin, the only factor is total number of accounts on one's credit report which includes both open and closed accounts.  So Joe with 5 open accounts and 20 closed accounts has the same thickness file as Alex with 20 open accounts and 5 closed accounts even though both have significantly different amounts of current open accounts.

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