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Where to go from here?

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Where to go from here?

Hopefully someone can help me. I opened a store card in 02. First card I'd ever opened. I moved, didnt get the bill, was 60 days late or something? Went to use the card and was told the card had been cancelled. Thought that meant I didnt need to pay raining balance. Finally paid the card off. Later saw it still listed as open on my report, called the company, was told I had a credit of 2$ that I needed to go into a store and pick up because they wouldn't send a check for less than 5$. Then the account would be listed as closed. Now I look again (nearly a year later) and it's STILL listed as open.
What should I be doing? If this is "open" I want to be able to use my card, lol. If it's closed, then I want it to say it's closed. It's listed as a negative item right now...
[Name edited out for privacy] Address:
[address edited for privacy]
No phone number available

Account Number:

Status: Open/Current, was past due 30 days.

Status Details: As of Feb 2010, this account is scheduled to go to a positive status.

Date Opened:


Reported Since:
12/2002 Terms:

Date of Status:

Monthly Payment:

Last Reported:


Credit Limit/Original Amount:

High Balance:

Recent Balance:
$0 as of 03/2007

Recent Payment:

Account History:
30 days as of May 2003
Balance History:
02/2007 $0
01/2007 $0
12/2006 $0
11/2006 $0
10/2006 $0
09/2006 $0
08/2006 $0
07/2006 $0
06/2006 $0
04/2006 $0
03/2006 $0
02/2006 $0
01/2006 $0
12/2005 $0
11/2005 $0
10/2005 $0
09/2005 $0
08/2005 $0
07/2005 $0
06/2005 $0
05/2005 $0
04/2005 $0

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I'd leave it alone.  The older your history the more posi...

I'd leave it alone.  The older your history the more positive your score. If they want to keep giving you a positive tradeline keep it. The account has one 30 day past due as far as I can see.  You can call thecompany and ask them to close it or send you a new card. If you're worried about ID theft, usually store cards are not prime targets.
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Thanks so much! I will call them and see if I can get a c...

Thanks so much! I will call them and see if I can get a card sent to me. I thought the account was closed when I picked up that check, as they never let me use the card again, but if it's listed as open on the report then I should be able to have them send me one, right?
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