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Why Did My Score Go Down?

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Re: Why Did My Score Go Down?

@Jazee wrote:

But I read somewhere more and more lenders are using Vantage scores, no?  I'm considering a new auto purchase.  I know many lenders use an Auto version of the score.  I thought it was a Vantage Auto score, can't remember for sure.  Do any sites provide auto scores instead of just general Vantage or Fico scores?


Some use the Vantage in conjunction with a Fico, only creditor that was known to use Vantage outright at times is Cap-1. This site will provide Auto Ficos.

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Re: Why Did My Score Go Down?

VantageScore is often used as an indication of creditworthiness for credit card solicitations. However, Classic Fico 8 and Bankcard Enhanced Fico 8 are the primary versions used in final reviews/approvals for credit cards. In the last year Fico 9 has been making inroads.


It's hard to say why your score went down. However, assuming it is address change related, it should rebound fully within a billing cycle or two. [If you are planning to open a new checking account, your ChexSystems score, if you have one, will have dropped due to the address change and that can affect CS score for years]



VantageScore does not offer a "bankcard enhanced" version like Fico does.

VantageScore does have a significant user base in the rental industry.

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Re: Why Did My Score Go Down?

My scores changed for seemingly no reason as well. Except mine went up 12 points, so I'm not really complaining.

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