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Why I Have Five Secured Credit Cards and Attempting To Get More.

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Re: Why I Have Five Secured Credit Cards and Attempting To Get More.

i too have 5 secured credit cards. 4 of the 5 were cards recommended by Credit Shifu an Ask Sebby on YouTube videos.

1. Bank of America

2. Discover

3. USBank


and TDBank.

i chose TDBank only cause i do my banking with them. i did not choose the Wells Fargo one cause i heard that when that graduates you lose AAoA on that card and it starts from zero, like starting over with a new account.

Starting Score: 630
Current Score: 632
Goal Score: 700

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Re: Why I Have Five Secured Credit Cards and Attempting To Get More.


People do not understand. The Obama era rehab puts us into multiple payment/loans. Then, if we miss any (I missed 10... 5x2) now we have latest they will NEVER remove. I have contacted the attorney generals office, state senators, ombudsman of Department of Education and ombudsman of MyFedLoan. Currently, waiting for them to get back to me, after I requested that they request guidance from DoE. The reason, my grandmother was dying of cancer. She checked in to the hospital and I checked out of my life. Missed utilities, work and my student loan payment(s). After she passed, I made every payment since. I produced her death certificate with Cancer as cause of death. Nothing so far. Ask for Ombudsman department, they won't tell you about it. This is the oversight department setup pre-deVos. Request that they reach out to DoE for guidance based on extenuating circumstances, and hopefully you actually had something that fits their requirements.

But on the question of why. Why can banks, auto loans, credit cards and collection agencies forgive late payments, but DoE Servicers are not allowed? They can if something like a coma happens apparently, so it's possible.

They say "removing it would be against Fair Credit Reporting Act because it would be inaccurate." Then every other credit institution is breaking the law. But, it's based on how they interpret the law. Well, then I want to see the paperwork that states these Servicers must interpret the law like this. They say it's in the training manual. I said what page? They said they don't know. I asked to be put on hold while she looks. Comes back with that the DoE passes down policy based on the law. I said, that means they make the final decision on close calls like a coma? She said yes. I said, so send it to them... And that's how we got to today. I'm waiting for them to deliberate based on her sending a "Request for Guidance".

I went Discover secured (upgraded to undsecured), Cap Plat secured (holding onto it) & Cap Quicksilver (pre-approved a few months into Plat)

I had 500ish on all 3. I'm not inching over 730 vantage and close to 700 FiCO based on Discovers pull of Transunion and Experian Fico 8.

It took about 2 years. Just paid off the same student loan down to 2% from 40% of $2000 and my score on Experian jumped almost 20 points.

I was going to hold onto my student loan and pay it off slow, cause it was nearly 10yrs old. But I just paid it off, kinda out of desperation after getting nowhere on the late payments and just wanting to not deal with them anymore. Hopefully my score doesn't drop because of the AAoA.

The latest are over 24 months, I have 13 inquiries on Experian and 3 on Tu and Eq.

I don't want any more denials. But my 120+ lates are basically the government breaking both my knee caps every month until they're gone.

Life has been bad, mainly because of these. Without credit... Life is impossible unless you are already rich or having a steady high income. Especially if you live in California where every credit company uses Experian.
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Re: Why I Have Five Secured Credit Cards and Attempting To Get More.

Can someone answer if these secure cards can be had without a HP? Im assuming that the Banks get its pointless to pull a HP?

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Re: Why I Have Five Secured Credit Cards and Attempting To Get More.

They all perform a HP except Green Dot. But that has a $35 annual fee.

Citi gave me a HP from Experian which only added to my troubles and I didn't even finish the application, the people at the bank submitted without my knowledge. Trying to get that removed now.
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