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Worst Credit Reporting Agency?

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Worst Credit Reporting Agency?

In your opinion, which Credit reporting agency is the worst overall. Equifax, Experian, Transunion and why? From your personal experience thus far.


I would say...



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Re: Worst Credit Reporting Agency?

It's human nature to always look at a negative transaction as carrying more weight than 100 positive ones.


I've had horrible results with all 3, but I've also had 10x as many great and fast results with all 3.


We aren't customer of credit bureaus -- banks are.  The bureaus only talk to us because laws demand it, so they only do the minimum duty necessary.  They don't really care about us, and that's how it's designed.

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Re: Worst Credit Reporting Agency?

10X?  Hard to believe. Smiley Happy

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Re: Worst Credit Reporting Agency?

I'm just basing it on my own data points that I've kept track of!


I disputed addresses, wrong names, even a wrong social security number.  Certainly 40 pieces of info that were wrong, 40 pieces deleted.


I had 3 different COs that had tiny things wrong with their reporting -- so call it 9 different tradelines disputed.  All 9 deleted.  Count is 49/49.


1 unpaid tax lien on 3 bureaus.  Disputed, 2 removed 1 stayed.  51/52 so far.


Had a collection unpaid pop up in 2017 that had all sorts of incorrect information.  Disputed on all 3, came back updated (ugh).  51/55.


Had lates on an old closed credit card that were all off by 3-4 months.  Disputed on all 3: two deleted, 1 updated to correct (ugh).  53/58.


Disputed that corrected one a few months later because it re-updated again to reflect the wrong late dates: deleted.  54/59.


So 54 good, 5 bad.  10:1 ratio of good to bad.  But no one looks at good results.


All I have left on all 3 reports is just that unpaid tax lien from 2010 still showing on TU.  No more disputes left for me.  CPFB dispute is next, although I am researching other options since it's a joint lien from when I was married but was actually reported after I divorced -- never had knowledge of her secret hidden income but the uninformed spousal disputes with local tax authority have been useless.

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Re: Worst Credit Reporting Agency?

Humm, it's almost like POS Equifax was reading this board. LOL No sooner do I leave this board I get a text saying there have been changes to my credit report. Apparently and according to Equifax paying of debt is a good thing one day and not the next because they docked my six points for paying off a cc. Idiots. And seriously, how come Equifax is ALWAYS the lower one-by lower i mean almost 50 points. How does this happen? I hope they get sued out of business. They shouldn't be allowed to contribute to credit decisions with the way they do business and score. Furious with this POS company.


P.S> I'll recognize something good about Equifax when I find something.  The other two aren't too bad-both showing about the same numbers but Equifax... seriously.

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Re: Worst Credit Reporting Agency?

I spent a LONG time with Equifax on the phone and nearly needed a translator. fhe whole time I was thinking how insecure this process was giving all my personal information to some chick in the Philipines.  Then they decided my DOB was something different even though they have been reporting it correctly for years now. I can't check my "dispute results" online because they don't have my correct DOB in their system. Stupid POS company-so pissed.

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Re: Worst Credit Reporting Agency?

None of them can be blamed for how things are reported to them, which is what accounts for score differences.  Customer service is really where the complaints come from in my opinion.  People who spend a lot of time on these boards may have more knowledge about credit reporting and credit terms than most people who work for the CRAs so that is something that we need to remember.  These are people that work in a call center, really no different than any other call center, with probably just as much product knowledge as the average Joe off the street.  


My lowest scores are with Experian, but I have never had a problem with them.  I have disputed an incorrect address (my mother lived there not me and are names are not even close) three times with Equifax and all three times it came back that it would be deleted, but it never has been.  If I call in, they just tell me to dispute it again...  I called Transunion the other day for an early exclusion and they said that they don't do that and I need to contact the creditor, not that I am not within the timeframe (I am), but they just don't do it.  I called the creditor and they tell me to call Transunion.  Call back and ask to speak with a supervisor and they told me the only way for me to have it deleted is to file a dispute, which I can't do right now while in the middle of the home buying process.  


Your posts seem that you have issues with the credit reporting and not the actual CRAs.  You need to remember that they only have the information that they are given.  Can paying off a credit card lower your score?  Yes - if none of your cards are currently reporting a balance.  Is that necessarily what caused your score to drop?  No - that may just be what caused the alert.  Are your profiles identical across all 3 CRAs?  Probably not - I would guess Equifax has a derog that the others do not have, which is why the score is so much lower.  

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Re: Worst Credit Reporting Agency?

The CRA with which one has had the most issues with is the worst.  To them.


A poll would show that about 1/3 of the population agrees with whichever CRA someone says is the worst and 2/3 would disagree.

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Re: Worst Credit Reporting Agency?

The worst is Transunion. Because it seems like it’s the most useless. Unfortunately it’s also my highest score. But very few card issuers seem to give it any credibility except for maybe SCT or synch store cards. At least here in California. Most everyone pulls Experian and/or Equifax simultaneously on some occasions.

8/2017 12/2017
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Transunion 575 Transunion 691
Experian 550. Experian 662
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Re: Worst Credit Reporting Agency?

Experian. Getting a customer service representative on the phone has been particularly difficult with EX for years. Also made huge screwups to my file.

TU was easiest in getting a rep fixing things right away.

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