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bbt shocker ,hope its a mistake.

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bbt shocker ,hope its a mistake.

we all know how eq has been for a while i check there site tonight my fako went up 13 points

so i clicked on my report and see that my total credit lines has dropped 8k!!!


it was reporting the my bright card was closed and  paid as agreed with a zero  balance

i owed them 5600 !!

i checked bbt site and things were normal and my card works 

but you could imagine my surprise lol

will contact eq tommarow.

08 ficos 9/2019 eq 685 tu 704 ex 677
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Re: bbt shocker ,hope its a mistake.

Ah man, i hope thats a mistake gramps. Please lets us know how it turns out.
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Re: bbt shocker ,hope its a mistake.

Eq has done that to me before.  It does get your attention.  Being you saw on your bbt online acct. that everything looked fine then Eq is just probably pootin. GL

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Re: bbt shocker ,hope its a mistake.

This is interesting. I actually found these forums looking to see if anyone else had odd reporting issues with EQ. On a few cards they are reporting really odd things. Like CL that are super random and incorrect (one is reporting a CL of $240). My other reports are fine and looking at the actual accounts I see no issues. So this just seems to be an issue with EQ. Fun.

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