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experian weirdness -looking for input

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experian weirdness -looking for input

hi all.


so in my process to rebuild gave me a free lifetime subscription to CreditWorks Basic which includes my score, alerts, and monitoring.


This morning around 4 a.m. an alert came in saying a new account had been added to my report. As of right now I have a Cap 1 account and my CSP account that are not showing. But the thing is they should not show until the end of Feb-beginning of March. I have not even gotten the Cap 1 card and the CSP was sent by Fed Ex and I got it in 4 days. 


I aslo have my AMEX which closes statement today and should report the first time tomorrow at the earliest


So I look at the alert and my Experian score tanked 30 points on this one entry! To say I am startled is an understatement.


Worse, they are reporting a card I already have AGAIN as another NEW ACCOUNT. It is showing twice and the account showing as NEW is a duplicate of my CarCareOne card that has been showing since Decemeber 26th 2016.


Then it gets squirlier.


I go to and enter my information same as always and it comes back saying. "you must dispute in writing".


I have this problem with Equifax all the time but at least they give me questions to answer from (supposedly) my report. This is a just a flat out FU.


My concern is that since this duplicate reporting has tanked my credit by 30 points, then what will happen when the amex reports? and then the CSP and CAP 1?


My Experian reports right now shows 3 accounts and 6 inquiries. When my citi and carcareone cards reported my score went from 718 to 701, now it slumped to 671 off this duplicate.


so what I am trying to figure out is if I should wade through the telephone process to dispute and find out why I cannot dispute on line? should I just wait to see what happens when the Amex reports in the next couple days?


also if I pay them for a  Fico 8 report, should I be able to dispute off that report number? The CreditWise Basic account will not let me dispute items in it. I should say MyFico is NOT yet reporting the change that is.


thanks for your input



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Re: experian weirdness -looking for input

Experian is strange with me too. They are my lowest score, despite being the first CRA to drop my judgment. I've found their online dispute process to be pretty easy. Granted, this was for cleaning up addresses and employers. I still have one collection I'm trying to get them to delete. It's paid medical collection for $143. It'll fall off in July but I'm likely applying for a mortgage in May.


I think the biggest factor with EX for me is my CU only pulls from and reports to them. Thus, my CC through my CU has a high balance I'm paying on and is probably killing my score.


Funny enough, I live about 20 minutes away from EX's headquarters. Tempted as I am sometimes to go over there with a Louisville Slugger, I also remind myself that I drive directly past that building on my way to church.

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