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here we go...GW letter time

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Re: here we go...GW letter time---UPDATE

funny think ive tried GW letters to AMEX several times with NOOOOOOO success,,,,this time I found the CEO's address and wrote him directly,,,,and about a week later someone from AMEX called me and said that they would look into it and see what they could do for me.  so well see, if they tell me no ive made up my mind that im going to write the CEO again and again untill he himself tells me no..hahaha
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Re: here we go...GW letter time---NEW UPDATE

I got a letter back today from surprise...they in a nutshell say they cannot delete the account as all CRA's keep information for 7 years. 
I am still waiting to hear from about 8 others.  I sent all my letters on June 7th.....getting close to hearing from them I would hope at least......
Thanks again!
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