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"No Recent Revolving Balances" has me confused on AZEO

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Re: "No Recent Revolving Balances" has me confused on AZEO

@Anonymous So Citi is definitely a revolver so with that code present that means it had to be either a delayed pull or something is real screwy. does the report show Citibank as also having a balance while still having that code? If so you need to get in touch with somebody, because something is bad wrong there.


Like I said that's good for 10 to 15 points. Somebody entered that wrong. 

As for the lender, I don't know, but keep in mind while synchrony may be all right synchrony financial is not and it's a subsidiary. Wells Fargo may be all right but Wells Fargo financial is not, even though it's a subsidiary, I believe.


but you make a good point that if they advertise they are not and they are, you have a complaint for deletion based on breach of contract it would seem. 

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