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LexisNexis Report - Judgement

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LexisNexis Report - Judgement

I am planning on applying for a mortgage next year but had a judgment from Conn's about 10 years now. I cannot find the juudgement through court records searches. It used to show up a couple years ago and was on my LexisNexis report last time I pulled early last year. My question is, how long does a judgement stay on the LexisNexis report or how more inportantly, how far does the report go back?

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Re: LexisNexis Report - Judgement

You can request a report from Lexis Nexis directly from their website.  I am not sure if you have to print the application, then submit it or if you can do it all online.  (Just google Lexis Nexis to go to their website.)


When you receive a  copy of the LN report, you will be able to see what is on the report.

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