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Update on my house

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Update on my house

I signed purchase agreement for a new house (first time) on October 30, house has not started construction.  Been waiting, waiting, finally have basic clearance on my loan...they can't do a real approval less than 4 months before home is finished...but approval enough for construction, deciding on options, etc.  Of course, don't know terms, but whenwhile my middle score went up to 682, and hopefully, might even be able to break 700 in the next few months, my debt management plan only has 7 months left, so things are getting paid of pretty rapidly, and I am getting score increase notices despite two credit pulls for the hopefully, things will work out well.  It is frustrating to not know the exact details, but then it would likely change anyway.
But, its a house I absolutely love, and because of the downturn in the Sacramento area, one that I can truly afford, so I am jazzed - and nervous LOL

Starting Score: EQ 679, TU 697
Current Score: EQ 680, TU 672
Goal Score: EQ 720, TU 720

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Re: Update on my house

Best of luck! Keep up updated.
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