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Amex personal loan cancelled!!!!

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Amex personal loan cancelled!!!!

So I accepted their offer this morning and pulled the trigger. Got approved. Was reading the loan terms then tried to sign and click submit and the page refreshed with the same application but now blank.

So I decided to refill it and now accept but I got this:


Thank you for your interest in American Express® Personal Loans.

Your loan has been cancelled and you will be receiving a letter with more details within the next week.
what was the problem?
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Re: Amex personal loan cancelled!!!!

No clue have a personal loan available to me, but no need for it.  Why not call and just inquire about it or wait for AA letter.

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Re: Amex personal loan cancelled!!!!

No way to know until you get the letter.  Customer service won't even know.

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Re: Amex personal loan cancelled!!!!

This happened to me last week with my Best Buy card app and called and it was my credit freeze. Maybe try calling and asking?

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Re: Amex personal loan cancelled!!!!

Possibly, what got cancelled was the duplicate application.

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