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CFA notation

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CFA notation

CFA notation


I applied for a personal loan, planning on using the funds to payoff my high interest credit cards. 

I am wondering if this loan is categorized as CFA. Can't find this info anywhere. The only info I received from is

lender: FinWise Bank
c/o Reach Financial, LLC


Anyone familiar w/ this company?

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Re: CFA notation

No idea if the CFA designator is present or not, but I can tell you that I've had a CFA designator on my TU profile for several years (Lending Club and Sofi both used to report that way) and have scores that have ranged during that period between high 700s and low 800s.

It shows up as a reason code for me, but I cannot say that it's ever had any meaningful negative impact. 

Also, depending on your CC utilization, the tradeoff may well be very worth it (sometimes a dramatic improvement in score).

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Re: CFA notation

Appreciate the info. With my cc utilization, yes trade-off is def worth it. I expect significant increase in my credit score. Thank you, again.

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