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CU Members: Do you belong to multiple Credit Unions? Why?

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Re: CU Members: Do you belong to multiple Credit Unions? Why?

I never actually considered any perks with CU membership, as I have never had a loand or CC through my memberships with them. In fact I only learned in this thread that one of my memberships might get me a Geico discount, so filing that away for later. 


That said, I have two that I use. Service Credit Union, two days early pay deposit and they have international bill pay which makes them a necessity. Also a NFCU member. They have local branches where I am likely to return to (though Service has shared branching with a local CU so no fee's with their ATM's and can cash the occasional check there or make a deposit). 


Both just passed on the opportunty to finance my next car purchase so using Keesler CU for that, though I have no relationship with them. 


We do use a higher interest savings account with Navy but are considering other products. Much prefer Service though if I am being honest, though Navy is much better for online check deposit. Not likely to drop either but also not getting many perks from membership. Honestly it's not even something I ever considered before reading this thread. 

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Re: CU Members: Do you belong to multiple Credit Unions? Why?



Affinity FCU


NFCU is my main banking institution. The other two I wanted to go ahead and establish relationship with for future financing or credit card options.  Shooting for Affinity VS rewards 2023. 

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