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Desperately need help

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Re: Desperately need help

Yea I'm going to give Wyzant a try, I almost did back in 2015, but never follwed through with it as I landed a full time teaching position. I think the ability to charge your own rates offsets things like working for Varsity Tutors, where I here the pay is pretty low. 


Also, I just wanted to throw this out there to those that are knowledable. So in conclusion, are programs that offer debt relief pretty much dead ends and not worth the time to look into? Also what did people think about that idea of taking out a loan from my own 401K, does that sound like a good decision to make or is that a little dangerous if I feel I may not be at my current employment more than another year or so. 

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Re: Desperately need help

Regarding cell phone service, there are a few that have really low prices. Which works for you would depend on what the coverage is like in your area. When I was recovering I had an older smart phone and used several BYOP programs (there are many more now, that was years ago). While they might not be names you recognize, they often include unlimited talk, text and data, for under $30. I actually used my cell for my internet on my laptop (tethering) at the time to get around the need for internet service. You just have to read the fineprint/internet research on if they'll actually cut you off for using it as a hotspot (rare).

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