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EWS Refusing Freeze?

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EWS Refusing Freeze?

Contacted Early Warning Services, a Consumer Reporting Agency, in a similar vein of Chex; and the rep stated that they don't offer Security Freezes.


I thought that all Consumer Reporting Agencies were required to offer freezes, by law. - I guess not?


Has anyone had any success getting their EWS report frozen?

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Re: EWS Refusing Freeze?

This issue is being discussed right now in this thread:


My advice is to join the discussion there.  The OP also reports that the EWS rep indicated that they don't offer freezes.  Have you pulled your EWS report -- any particular concerns about it?

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Re: EWS Refusing Freeze?

While I have Chex frozen I've never tried to freeze EWS since they're used by the "big banks" and I primarily deal with credit unions and smaller local banks that use Chex. But there's a thread in the General Credit Topics from someone who tried to freeze EWS and they told him the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)  grants them an exception to being able to freeze your account because they're a "specialty reporting agency". I don't see how they're any more a  "specialty reporting agency" than Chex systems, but (not to be political) with the current administration the CFPB is unlikely to change the status of EWS, as the current admin wants less regulation, not more.

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