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Managing multiple credit card accounts

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Managing multiple credit card accounts

I have used Mint for years now for storing and reminders so I can pay and manage my many many credit card accounts in one single place without having to log into each account seperately. I would like to ask the myFICO community members for help in possibly directing me to easier methods to manage multiples of credit card accounts. Is Mint the absolute best? I don't even mind paying for a service. Can anyone suggest or share? Thanks in advance.



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Re: Managing multiple credit card accounts

For the most part, I use usaa. Great bank if you are eligible.


Edit: oh, and Google calendar reminders

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Re: Managing multiple credit card accounts

Try Prism! You can download in the AppStore, windows store, I'm not sure about google store? This app can pay your bills and you can connect EVERYTHING. This has changed my life! 

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Re: Managing multiple credit card accounts

I just use a spreadsheet with the card name, last 4 of the number, limit, balance, minimum amount due, due date, and statement date, colour coded as to whether it's mine, hubby's or my mom's. I personally don't like the idea of having my accounts linked to an outside app/service for security reasons.
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Re: Managing multiple credit card accounts

As for Me the best way is managing multiple credit card accounts( I have tried all of proposed methods) 

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Re: Managing multiple credit card accounts

Well after equifax hack, I'm warry of storing all my finincial data in one place as tempted as I have been for sites like MINT.


 1) sync all my dates for the 1st of the month

 2) I have a tab for all credit cards on my web browser

 3) Pay in full 5 days before end of the month (leave a little on one card if trying to max score)

 4) I keep my passwords/logins on a piece of paper which are backed up and updated on a thumb drive (not hackable)

 5) Always have min automtic payments set up so you don't blow it if life gets crazy


Takes 5 mintues and then I don' think about it for a month



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Re: Managing multiple credit card accounts

I've opened 13 cards over the past year, and managed to chase sign-up bonuses and keep on top of transactions, statement closing dates, due dates, and payments by just checking my accounts daily. Usually there are one or two main cards I'm using at a given time, and half of my cards are with Chase, so it's not like I have to log into a dozen different sites. Right now I'm only using Chase and AmEx cards, so I check those sites/accounts frequently. I've closed a few accounts that have reduced the number of sites I need to check on, and there are a couple of cards I'm not currently using that I only check on occasionally to make sure nothing hinky is going on with them. 


This is one of the reasons (certainly not the only one) that I will soon go back to being 100% Chase. I like their rewards program the best, but it's also nice having every card right there in one place. I plan to have 4 cards with them, and I will sync up their due dates. Looking forward to being more streamlined. 

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Re: Managing multiple credit card accounts

Personal Capital has a great app for managing multiple accounts etc
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Re: Managing multiple credit card accounts

Other than the potential fraud case (and every lender I have so far as caught it before I did) I simply just check my CK every so often, look at reported balances and kick a payment if I need it.


Isn't ideal for a lot of people but it works for me. 


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Re: Managing multiple credit card accounts

I've used Quicken Personal for over 20 years to manage my accounts and personal finances. I use Scheduled Transactions to list all my payments by due date, but I've found it best that when I log in to get my statement I schedule my payment then & enter it in Quicken and be done with it.


And I almost embarrassed to admit I'm still using the Quicken 2004 Edition. Smiley Wink I've looked at current editions, they haveen't re-invented balancing a checkbook or CC statement, all they add is features like you can give Quicken your login info & it will log in & automatically download transactions & statements. No thanks, no one gets my banking login info. They fewer number of things/sites that have my info, the less chance of a hack.

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