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Moving To Georgia

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Re: Moving To Georgia

I haven't yet looked at any professional movers yet although there is one I would definitely advise against, Two Men and a Truck. I had a friend move from NY to Cali that had come and pack everything. By the time she got her items in Cali, every single dish, china, cup, glass was broken. Apparently the movers decided that a sheet of paper was enough protection for thousands of dollars worth of fine china. She's been fighting with them for them to take the blame and pay for it but most of the stuff is priceless since she gathered most of them from around the world. Luckily since she's a fairly renowned para athlete and she knows a lot of people to get to word out but it's still being a huge pain for her and hasn't gotten cleared up yet two months later.


On other news, I was talking with a coworker who is currently working in Atlanta and lives only 9 miles away... she told me it usually takes her almost an hour to get to work and home each day... Looks like I'll be looking for a place much closer to work then!

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Re: Moving To Georgia

I make a few k less than you and live comfortably. I just wanted to chime in about the housing. Like another person said, the Sandy Springs/Perimeter is not cheap compared to other places in Atlanta, but it is VERY worth the price to not be in traffic. It is also a nice area compared to some others, but not AS nice as other areas like Lenox for example. I live near Perimeter mall and work in Alpharetta. If you are going to work in Sandy Springs and plan on renting I'd recommend apartments there.


You could also live in Gwinnett (I'm thinking Norcross, duluth) and have a little more of a commute to get cheaper housing. When I lived in Gwinnett my commute was anywhere from 40mins to an hour and a half depending on traffic, but that was going to Alpharetta. You can also find very nice places in Gwinnett but it also has spots that aren't as nice as the rest. If you can handle the rent though I'd highly recommend the Perimeter area, lots to do and not a far drive away from anywhere important.



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Re: Moving To Georgia

Minimist, Does Post still own a ton of better apartments in Sandy Springs/Dunwoody/ Alpharetta?   We rented in Apharetta for 2 years while we kept our house here in Small town.  I think we paid $800 for a 2 bedroom a million years ago.  

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