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Navcheck question

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Re: Navcheck question

K-in-Boston wrote:

Great answer, @CreditCuriousity.  Also, how long have you had those NFCU cards?  If your APR on them is higher than a NavCheck account and the accounts have been open for any length of time I would absolutely ask them for an APR reduction if your scores are nearly 200 points higher than they were 7 months ago according to your signature!  The highest APR they can give on their credit cards is 18%, and most people with good scores tend to get the lowest APR from NFCU which is going to be lower than the checking line of credit.

This is true. Your card must be a few days past 1 year old.


I asked them to lower my Gorewards that was 13.99% and they reduced it to its lowest rate. It's now. 9.99%. Sad thing is, I never carry a balance on it. But you never know.


My CLOC is 13.90%.

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Re: Navcheck question

ohjoy wrote:

So basically, they hate me already. I opened an account and applied for the card that gives 5% for gas, I think Platinum Rewards. Got turned down for "TOO MANY RECENTLY ACTIVE ACCOUNTS".  I don't know if that means I've opened too many recent accounts or that I'm using too many of my accounts. In either case, that's a big fat no and a new inquiry. I didn't see anywhere to send in a recon request, unless I'm supposed to just call in. I don't think it will make a difference tho because I did just do an app spree. Ah well. *le sigh* 

I'm sorry to hear that you were not approved. PenFed sends out email surveys, and often people will wait to express their displeasure on those, which will result in them contacting you to find out how they can make it right. Alternately, you could be proactive and just call them up, tell them that you were denied on an application and would like to speak with a loan officer to reconsider your request.  Their loan officers are friendly and helpful.


One thing I sincerely hate about PenFed is the cryptic denial reasons.  When I asked for a CLI on my Defender card, I got:


I assumed this meant that I had the maximum amount of credit they were willing to extend to me.  That would of course be an outcome ratrher a reason so it didn't make sense.  When I called to recon, the loan officer laughed and she said that the loan officer who wrote that could have been clearer but he meant that he had decided my total revolving lines across all lenders were sufficient for my income.  She approved me for the CLI to $20k (I really should have asked for more, but coming off of a "denial," I wanted to be conservative), I got even more revolving credit and they instantly approved me for $10k when I applied for the new Power Cash Rewards card 90 days later using the same HP (and boy do I miss those NG2 scores; I was just shy of 800).

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