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PayPal Debit Card Options

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PayPal Debit Card Options

Seems there are multiple Debit Card Options now for Paypal.


-Paypal Cash Debit Card (For Personal Accounts) - This card allows you to set up direct deposit.

-PayPal Business Debit Card (For Premier, and Business Accounts)  - No Direct Deposit

-And the PayPal Prepaid Debit Card (via Netspend) Comes with a 4.95/monthly fee.  Can be added to any PayPal account - and allows direct deposit.



I have had a Paypal Business Debit Card with my premier account Earning 1.5% CB since 2004.  Cards today are 1% CB.

Curious if I open a PayPal 2% CB Mastercard (Synchrony) and set it up as a backup if I would get 3.5% CB?


Just opened a Paypal (Personal) to get the CASH Card so i can have direct deposit access without the monthly fee.



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Re: PayPal Debit Card Options

You can get the 2% Cashback card if you have a personal or premier PayPay account, but not with a business account. And note the PayPal Extras is a different card and IMHO not nearly as good, its the 2% Cashback card you want, pic of the card is in my sig.

And yes, with a your 1.5% PP Business debit you'll get 3.5% rewards between the two. My PayPal Biz debit gets 1%, so I get 3% between the two. And since you've had the debit card since 2004 I'm sure you know to have your PayPal Cash balance at zero before you use the debit card, or else it will use all your cash balance first and then the rest to the backup source.

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